Seeing kalaripayattu, not as popular as other Martial Art forms, the students of kalari gurukulam came up with the idea of Dhehi. Our goal is to bring this martial art form and its rich culture into the silver screen and spread kalaripayattu across the borders.

Country’s first kalaripayattu Film ‘Dhehi’ is now produced based on the life and achievements of a Kalaripayattu artist and a Kalari guru.

Dhehi Synopsis.

Dhehi inspire girls to have a vision of what they want to achieve and work towards attaining it. Body is an unbiassed tool to achieve that goals. Divya is a young 17-year-old girl aiming to set an example for the younger generation, a young girl who dreams big to fly high in life. But crime can strike from nowhere, especially in today’s increasingly violent world. Dhehi is the life of a girl whose wings are brutally hurt by her society. Is it a hurdle being a woman? Will Divya overcome this situation? Will she come back to her peaceful life? How much can a Kalari Guru help? Dhehi has the answer!!

Producer: Ranjan Mullaratt, KALARI Gurukulam

Direction: Dhana

Direction team: Kavitha, Maggi, Augustin, Nagaraj.

Story, Screenplay & dialogues: Jeyamohan

Cinematography: Anand Sundersha

Music: Nobin Paul

Editor: Nagendra Urs

Kalaripayattu: Ranjan Mullaratt Kalari Gurukulam

Art: Devi Prakash, Muthu Swami

Makeup: Pushpalatha

Costume: Arathi Jayaraj, Janardhanan Urs

Stills: Kiran Madangopal

Production Manager: Satish Brahma, Swami, Manju

Dhehi soon will be released under the banner Kalari Gurukulam. Produced by Ranjan Mullaratt.

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Whats app 91- 994555995

Email: ranjanmullaratt@yahoo.com


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Kalaripayattu Training

Kalari Gurukulam offers regular courses for students between 7 to 60 years of age. The courses are at beginners’, advanced, and expert levels. The training schedules are flexible to meet the busy city lifestyle.

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Kalari Gurukulam conducts workshops from time to time and interested individuals can make use of these opportunities to learn the basics of Kalaripayattu

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Performance events for Kalaripayattu are regularly held by the Kalari Gurukulam to build awareness amongst the general public as well as the aspiring youth, to encourage the young and inculcate Kalaripayattu into their lifestyle and thus gain the power of concentration and combat stress from the day-to-day activities in a healthy way.

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Residential Program

People interested in learning at Kalari Gurukulam for a prolonged time period can stay at the Gurukulam as resident students. For those interested in learning Kalaripayattu as a resident, residential facilities are available at the Gurukulam. Details can be obtained by contacting the Gurukulam..

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Summer Camps

Every year Kalari Gurukulam conducts summer camps for kids between 7-14 years of age. These summer camps range from two to three weeks during the summer holidays to encourage the budding enthusiasts to learn the ropes of Kalaripayattu as well as to explore the various aspects of the martial art form. The intense training programme is designed to inculcate Sadhana (Practice), Anubhava (Experience), and Pradashan (Performance) in Kalaripayattu.

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Kalari Gurukulam publishes books and recorded material for the interested Kalari enthusiasts. It also encourages research in the area of Indian martial art forms.