Kalari Margham

a dawn-to-dusk extravaganza of our own martial art Kalaripayattu

We, at Kalari Gurukulam, are proud to announce Kalari Margam; a dawn to dusk programme on our renowned martial art form. Kalari Margam is the first of its kind programme initiated by the Gurukulam to promote as well as create an awareness among the people about Kalaripayattu. Set amidst serene nature, at the Band Stage in Cubbon Park, this programme would encompass demonstration of the fundamentals of Kalaripayattu through a lecture demonstration along with mesmerizing weapon combat techniques and acrobatics.

Highlights of the programme include,

  • Kalari Salutation

  • Lecture demonstration sessions in kannada and english explaining the nuances of the kalari practice and movements.

  • Animal poses and movements

  • Various stages of kalari movements

  • Weapon training

  • Advanced weapon demonstration



Come and experience the magic of Kalaripayattu which works towards creating a ‘strong body and a focused mind’.  We look forward to seeing you there! There is something for everyone at the Kalari Margam!


Date : Saturday, the 26th of February, 2011

Place: Cubbon Park Bandstand (Behind the high court)

Time: 7.00 am to 6.00 pm



Please mail us at kalarigurukulam@gmail.com for any clarification


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